The design includes the creation of a photographic research – typology of stylistic design, conceptual concept of spaces, detailed drawings and overall views. 3D presentation of the designed spaces in virtual reality will guarantee a perfect idea of the future interior. We will create a complete material research with sample lists and a complete listing and plotting of manufactured and supplied elements with insight into manufacturers’ catalogues. We cooperate with many foreign companies in the field of production of luxury interior accessories. We provide purchasing and implementation into the project.

Novota Art

Interior design and architecture

Interior design

Production of sculptural interior decoration and complex realization of decorative elements

Compact design of an eclectic, historicizing or modern interior, including architectural design with sculptural decoration, stucco elements, finishes (stucco chandelier,…) and painting.

Furniture – as a solitaire – a work of art or a complete furnishing of the residence with various functional assemblies aligned in one style.

We cooperate with a number of manufacturers of unique accessories – paintings, lighting, wallpapers, curtains, tapestries, carpets, vases, candlesticks, glass, porcelain, textiles, plants.

architectural interior design

Painted interiors, patina of the time

A wall painting is bound to a fixed place, fully adapted to its surroundings – architecture. A wall or ceiling can be treated as a bounded surface or as an illusionistic penetration into other spaces. Mural painting is by far the oldest form of painting (prehistoric cave paintings) and was widespread in all ancient cultures. Therefore, we can now draw from a wide range of styles and ideas to create an exceptional atmosphere for any space.

We use healthy mineral paints in many shades.

architectural interior design

Illusive historicizing painting

Phases - festoons - frontons

Stucco wall and ceiling elements

Stucco figural and ornamental decoration is made up of a wide range of morphologies including columns, half-columns, niches, cornices, cornices, friezes, friezes, lysens, cartouches, corbels, dentils, mascarons, pilasters and many others. Their combinations create spaces of exceptional atmosphere.


Design solutions and implementation

Design solutions and interior realization for modern and contemporary architecture and environment. NOVOTA ART offers a distinctive design of postmodernism, a combination of ancient mythology and ultramodern architecture. We create turnkey solutions and implementations for even the most complex projects and concepts, in order to realize the bold visions of our customers. We are able to successfully combine historical traditions and modernity in a new living space and style.Tvoríme riešenia a realizácie na kľúč aj pre tie najzložitejšie projekty a koncepty, v záujme realizácie odvážnych vízií našich zákazníkov. Sme schopní úspešne prepojiť historické tradície a modernu v novom životnom priestore a štýle.