3D studio

Carved gates and doors for exterior and interior

The carved doors, implying high and low relief with gilded brass fittings, combine with the wooden wall panelling to create a compact impression of a high level environment. As part of the heritage, we create exact copies of the doors according to the given requirement and template. They are also suitable for hotels and mansions in new buildings according to the historicizing style.

The neo-baroque gate implements many carved elements of baroque ornamentation. The lintel consists of a coloured stained-glass window articulated by Baroque ornamentation in wood. The gate is oak, stained and finished. The fittings and the handle have been sculpted to suit the gate and then cast in brass.

3D studio

Neo-Baroque triple-leaf gate for the Galicia Nueva castle hotel****


3D studio

Carved gates in  historical styles

The sculptural elements and high relief guarantee the high artistic value of the gates and doors in a cross-section of different historical styles. The artistic fittings add to their uniqueness and uniform character. (Also available as custom-made double-leaf doors for stately homes, hotels)