Novota Art

Restoration of cultural heritage and restoration work

The uniqueness and uniqueness of the monuments of Bratislava and especially the interest in their quality preservation creates the space in which the versatile activity of NOVOTA ART takes place.  Our company was founded in November 1989 and is made up of workers who have focused on the restoration of the arts and crafts components of historical architecture in the exterior and interior. This direction was preceded by the activities of the founders of NOVOTA ART in previous years in connection with the restoration of important monuments in Slovakia.

NOVOTA ART relies on quality workmanship as well as the use of quality specialised materials. Our company processes not only standard requirements, but also atypical assignments that require a special approach. The company’s privilege is to work at a high professional level, respecting the demands of the monument environment and the investor’s requirements. Our company is a multiple winner of the prestigious Baumit award as the Top Company in the field of rehabilitation of historic buildings in Slovakia.


Services in the field of Monument Restoration

The domain of our activity are works that require a sense of historical stylistic morphology and great demands on technical and artistic realization.

Restoration of historic buildings and national cultural monuments

We carry out complex monument restoration of buildings.

Monument research

We carry out architectural-historical, art-historical research with a proposal for the restoration of the cultural monument.

Specialised restoration work

In addition to traditional technologies, in line with the global trend of monument restoration, we also apply technological procedures and materials specifically developed for the field of monument care.

Production of exact copies of monuments and historical elements

Qualified training of the company's employees also means the ability of creative approach, mastery of manual author's work in a wide register of materials.

Restoration of historic interiors and furnishings

Intimate knowledge of the original details, artistic elements of the original, the use of knowledge from the history of art and architecture allows our company to restore not only the original in its material essence, but also to complete the architecture in the original style by creating contemporary analogies.

Novota Art

Services in the field of construction management and restoration of cultural monuments

The technical and professional provision of NOVOTA ART enables us to coordinate and implement the Complex Monument Restoration of Objects, including the preparatory project documentation (architectural-historical and art-historical research, including the proposal for the restoration of cultural monuments). Execution of construction work including detailing, exterior and interior. Realization of restoration works, stucco works, carpentry, plumbing, works with stone , metal, etc. In practice, this means, for example, the implementation of masonry work, restoration of facades, wooden fillings – implementation and restoration of historic windows, wooden gates with carved details, various wall panelling, historic ceramic furnaces, fireplaces, forged elements, stone elements such as stairs, balustrades, railings, etc.

Our company has prepared a team of professional professions for the implementation of the works. They occupy a wide range of expertise.  They correspond to the prerequisites of the realizations for the field of monument restoration, including preparatory projects, i.e. specialized monument research of various degrees, with knowledge in the field of art history and architectural history.

For the use of the contribution from the SFRB and the Funds, it is important to prepare thoroughly and at a professional level. It involves a range of documents, from project preparation, through renovation proposals to the overall financial plan, which is provided by a team of experienced professionals.

We provide consultation and advice at various levels:

  • For the client – in the preparatory process of monument restoration , as a presentation of the possibilities, the complexity of the preparation and guidance in favour of a quality result
  • As a consultation for a team of experts, implementers of specific works on the monument restoration
  • As recommendations for the client in favour of maintaining the quality and maintenance of the finished work

The quality implementation of the restoration of a listed building also presupposes in-depth knowledge of the material nature and needs of the building. This is supported by research into the materials and defects of the building, for which the company cooperates with research laboratories (e.g. stone, plaster, paint, metals, etc.).

Any work intended for implementation (in the context of historical and contemporary architectures) requires a high quality architectural project and comprehensive documentation from the beginning to the completion of the implementation. This area is handled by a team of professional staff who have experience and verifiable results in this field.