CNC production

Art studio and CNC sculpting

The concept of the artist’s studio dates back to the Renaissance, from this period onwards artists gathered in studios to develop new techniques designed to take the drudgery out of working and to help each other create better.

CNC sculpture is the latest artistic advance in this tradition. NOVOTA ART specializes in design and fabrication services for sculpturally challenging shapes and architectural elements as well as interior furnishings.

CNC production

Exceptional workmanship in wood, stone, metal, and composite materials at your fingertips

The breadth of woodworking experience is put to good use in the production of custom parts. Bringing ideas and designs to reality in several woodworking disciplines; turning, linear profiling, curved work, solid wood and panel machining, our time and trained staff are at your disposal. We keep up to date with the latest high tech equipment to ensure our finished products meet exacting standards at competitive prices. Great quality delivered on time. NOVOTA ART has an unmatched reputation for excellence when it can produce one-off or bulk products, we work around your needs. Working on a wide range of products in a variety of woods, we have the range and skills to help you.

Modern furniture

Designing according to your requirements, design services

In our 3d studio, highly skilled CAD engineers use industry-leading design software to generate 3D models of each product prior to manufacture; thoroughly testing each component through virtual simulation to ensure pinpoint accuracy, resulting in unrivalled excellence in everything we do.

Where design input is required, our heritage of craftsmanship and fine woodworking is there to support our clients in creating ergonomic and distinctive components.

Wall panelling, decorative elements

Woodworking and production of architectural elements to measure

We bring design to reality

We offer quality and precision at a high level.

Wood-based materials machining

Premium quality materials

cnc production

Production of architectural elements in natural stone

We select the finest quality grown pieces of natural stone for processing. We produce natural stone such as marble, sandstone, travertine, limestone, granite. We take the stone directly from the quarry. 

CNC production

Ultra high quality and detailed machining of sculptural shapes