Project Details

  • Project Renaissance house
  • Category House sign
  • Place 6 Michalská Street, Bratislava
  • Year of realization 2002-2003

House sign

House sign with the figure of St. Michael on a medieval house with a baroque-classical facade. The house is a National Cultural Monument.

House No.6 on the corner of Michalska and Biela Street is situated on the most important street , near the Michalska city gate. The massive block house has an ancient history, since the 13th century it belonged to the Austrian monastery in Heiligenkreuz and was part of the Cistercian farmstead, with a wine store. The house was structurally connected to the adjacent chapel of St. Catherine.  In the 16th century, part of the manor plot was bought by the town for the new houses of the townspeople on White Street. In the 17th century the house was acquired by the Capuchins and sumptuously rebuilt. At the end of the 18th century it was acquired by secular owners. The house was raised and rebuilt in the style of Baroque Classicism.  A house sign with the figure of St. Michael was also placed on the façade.

Monumental research of the exterior: NOVOTA ART et al. 2002 – 2003


St. Michael the Archangel is iconographically obligatorily depicted as a winged knight in armour with a spear or sword, with a shield, as he conquers a dragon.  He symbolizes protection against the forces of evil and is the leader of the heavenly host.

At the time of the restoration of House 6, the house sign on the metal plaque had already been defaced. In the author’s solution (O. Novotová) the new house sign was created in the original style. The winged knight St. Michael defeats the dragon with his sword.  The metal plate with the painting of the figure was fitted into the niche in the original place. The original metal ornamental canopy has been restored.

The exterior of the house has been comprehensively restored, preserving its Baroque-Classical character, with an authentic colour scheme of olive green and muted white, using high quality KEIM materials.