Project Details

  • Project Motešický Palace
  • Category Exterior
  • Place Gorkého Street 210/5
  • Year of realization 2008-2009

Motešický Palace

Comprehensive renovation of street and courtyard facades. Restoration of stucco decoration. The Motešický Palace is located in the centre of the Old Town of Bratislava, in close proximity to the Slovak National Theatre and Hviezdoslav Square. It is situated in the street development between Gorkého and Laurinská streets. The history of the original building dates back to the Middle Ages, to 1590, when the inn U divého muža stood on this site. For centuries, it was one of the most luxurious inns in Pressburg, which served as accommodation for wealthy nobles during the coronation of rulers and the sessions of the Hungarian Parliament. After the original inn was bought out, the palace was built in 1840 by the baronial Motešický family. The palace served for discreet meetings of the highest nobility of the period. It housed a casino for magnates and a men’s riding club. During the socialist era, the building served as an apartment house.


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