Piešťany | 2006

Hotel Thermia Palace

THERMIA PALACE, spa hotel complex in Piešťany, art and craft restoration of exterior architecture and restoration of interior staircase components. National cultural monument.

Thermia Palace, a large spa hotel complex was built in 1909-1912, designed by the Budapest studio H. The exterior architecture is a complex of masses in asymmetrical rhythm, with richly designed profiling, with a distinctive projecting portal. The whole in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style The characteristic feature is the wide range of materials and structures used, plaster, stone, artificial stone, stucco, ceramics, wood, plaster, metals, paints...


The exterior had significant surface damage to depth prior to the facade restoration. The architectural structures and details were crumbling and disappearing under the acrylic coatings from the last repair. NOVOTA ART restored all plaster components of the facades to their original structure. The stucco and plaster elements, as well as the figural reliefs were cleaned, the damaged parts were remodelled, in places using mould casting. All metal materials were restored. The Cyclopean-style stonework was cleaned, restored. The restoration of the ruined terrazzo balustrade was particularly challenging. Parts were restored, completed according to the original. All wooden elements were professionally treated. The same procedures were implemented in the interior, during the restoration of the staircases. KEIM certified materials were used in the restoration. The work required a specific restoration arts and crafts procedure, in order to protect the original components of the facades and the authentic expression of the whole and the details. The result of the restoration of the facades is in line with the intention of functional and aesthetic reconstruction of the listed building.