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Dacryl is a French manufacturing company, founded 20 years ago by Gilbert Meyer in the heart of France, which produces and sells its own products. As an “industrial artisan”, Dacryl produces exclusive acrylic resin and allows the company to produce unique pieces.

With inclusions of plants, minerals, substances, etc. Its know-how combines an artistic and industrial approach, combining cutting-edge technology in the field of polymerisation with handcrafted artistic work. Our production process requires the purest raw materials. Due to inclusions, our acrylic must be denser than standard acrylic. Dacryl sheets meet the new market demands due to their lightness, innovativeness, transparency and lightness. It is easy to use, ten times more durable and twice as light as glass. It has to be machined like wood.

Thanks to its own research and development team, Dacryl designs its own collections and constantly follows new trends. It surrounds itself with responsible partners and suppliers who play an important role in its success. Dacryl is therefore able to continuously innovate and produce cutting-edge materials

Dacrylic is as transparent as crystal, ten times more durable than glass and twice as light as glass. It is also extremely light-conducting: light transmission is 92%, equivalent to that of crystal. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience, Dacryl can now offer a large range of products that are tested and well known to professionals in the field of coloured sheets and inclusions. The architectural and decorative possibilities are almost endless.

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