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DIAMOND Amethyst

Time honoured masterpiece, Diamond Amethyst is born as a precious jewel with cutting-edge lines to challenge the boundaries of form. Influenced by deconstructivism movement of postmodern architecture, this sideboard is sensuously sharp yet with alluring details of the 19th century Romanticism that inspire and ignites excitement and wonder to the surroundings.
The faceted sideboard is covered by gold leaf finished with a distinct translucent shade of amethyst and high gloss varnish on top, while four hand-carved wood lion heads finished in gold leaf proudly support the body. It features two highly sculpted drawers and two doors, leading to a remarkable gold leaf interior. Layer by layer, leaf gilding is one of the most treasurable and richest crafts techniques. An unexpected way to give a timeless touch and to carry the legacy of those who built it.
Diamond Amethyst is an exceptional objet of high collectible design as a continuing process of maturation and art expression.

Gold leaf with transluscid amethyst colour, gold-leaf interiors, hand carved feet details with gold leaf finish.

Wood work; Wood carving; Leaf gilding.

Wood; Gold leaf; Gold and silver leaf with translucid amethyst lacquer.

20 080,00 

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High gloss varnish with amethyst translucid color over silver leaf. Wood structure. Interior: Gold leaf (2 shelfs and 2 drawers) Feets: Hand carved lion heads with gold leaf finish.

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Boca do Lobo


Boca do Lobo


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